Sunday, March 20, 2011


I picked up a free bridal guide yesterday for fun and started flipping through it. There was an article about wedding etiquette. It mentioned three "don'ts." They are as follows:

1. Don't create a Facebook group to gather your friends' addresses.
2. Don't put your registration on the announcement.
3. Don't forget to send thank you notes.

Wow. After reading that I started on a guilt trip. I broke every single wedding etiquette rule. Here are my honest thoughts (and a little justification maybe)--

1. I don't think it's necessary to call every single person on your guest list to request their addresses if you can ask over social media. What if you got a new phone and don't have all your friends' numbers? I'd rather not forget anyone!

2. Although I now feel guilty about sharing our gift registry information, I still appreciate when I get a little insert telling me where a friend is registered. That way I know I'm getting them something they want!

3. I absolutely don't have an excuse for number three. I'm scared that my neglect in this area classifies me as a selfish Bridezilla. Brad and I wrote our thank you notes. We just didn't send them out because we moved to Washington, needed more stamps, then moved to Utah. Our invites just sat in a bag and never got sent. After several months, I decided that it would be rude to send them out so late. Now I'm thinking maybe it's a "better late than never" situation.

So, this is my confession and apology for apparently having bad wedding etiquette. I didn't realize this until recently since I work in marketing for Artco and spend a lot of time reading wedding blogs and looking through invitation catalogs. There are other little things I didn't do, such as give my bridesmaids a present. Sorry, ladies! I feel so much more educated now (two years later and with a job in the wedding industry). I mainly wanted to say that I love and appreciate every single person who was a part of our special day. Thank you!

As a final note, I am feeling inspired to create a wedding collage of all our favorite details of our wedding! After viewing tons of inspiration boards at work every day, I want to create my own. Stay tuned!

Love, Mrs. Terry

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  1. Tiffany,
    I broke all the rules too! I actually would find it rude to not include registry information! I would hate to give a gift that the bride and groom disliked, and could not return! Also, thank you notes! OMG. We have moved three times, and though they are all written, I still have yet to send any of them! Its been 9 months! Though I am the better late than never kind of girl. I am hoping to get them sent soon, but stamps are expensive for 300 notes! I so look forward to seeing your wedding collage!