Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 Things you should never spend money on

I'm no financial expert and I don't spend time couponing yet. For now I'm just learning everyday how to be more frugal. Here's a list of things that, in my opinion, you shouldn't spend money on.

1. Hair cuts. Get a good pair of scissors and someone to help you make sure it's even where it needs to be, and you're on your way. I used to watch the lady that cut my hair to see how she did the layers and bangs. Then I practiced on my sister and now I always do my own. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that can show you as well. Men who keep their hair fairly short need a haircut ever 6 weeks or so. Buy one of those men's haircutting buzzers and read the little instruction booklet and there you go. That could save you $64 per year. If you normally get your hair cut every three months as a woman, then that's $200 saved (on average, according to me).

2. Regular movie theater (unless it's opening night for Hunger Games) but nothing else. It varies depending on the theater and where you live but an the average cost for a movie ticket in 2011 (according to an article in the LA Times) was $7.93. That's $15.86 for a date and way more if you have kids. Compare that to our $2 theater where we spend a grand total of $4. Or, better yet, run to the $5 bin at Walmart and now you OWN a new movie. OR go to Redbox.

3. Cable - Hulu,, etc. Actually, why not just do something active instead??

4. New furniture (besides a mattress. I don't think I'd ever go used on that. The bed bug drama in my student apartment was enough for a lifetime). For couches, tables, chairs, vanities, and everything else, check the following: garage sales, Craigslist, thrift stores, Facebook community garage sales.

5. Laundry soap. My mom gave me this amazing recipe for homemade laundry soap that everyone should try. It's actually on this blog here . Something like $11 upfront (including a $4 10-gallon container, which is a one-time purchase) and you get over 600 loads out of it! I'm never purchasing laundry soap again. Oh, and it smells great too!

Happy Mothers Day!