Monday, January 23, 2012

First Snow!

Today was the first "real" snow we've had in Idaho this year! Weird because when we moved here a year ago, there was a constant 5 inches all throughout January. And here we are on the 23rd just getting it to stick. Here's us before our family trip to the park to play hide n' seek!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Santa Baby

This Christmas was full of BABIES!
All of Brad's siblings came out so we all got to be together. There are five Terry kids and they're all married now so it was a party! The reunion was a little different this time though. Up until recently, only one of Brad's siblings had kids. So after playing with our niece and nephew, the adults would stay up late playing games and watching adult movies. (That sounded wrong....Adult meaning non-Dora The Explorer or Mario movies.)
Anyway, this time EVERYONE had a baby! Crystal and Marty have two-year-old Christina; April and John just had baby Debbie this August; Jeff & Sam got a baby kitty; and as you all know, Brad and I had Roxy.
Not to mention that we also spent time with Britt & Pat (+ their baby puppy Bentley), and Aaron's sister who also just had a baby. And we met up with all of my extended family who were in Utah for a couple days and my cousins Matt and Cortney are having TWINS!

So basically, it went from two kids to a million human and animal babies. So our games were shorter and frequently interrupted by kisses, diaper changes, dog walks, and passing cute babies around! Very fun :)

Here's some pictures of the babies. First is Jeff and Sam with all the nieces and nephew (Lexi, Connor, Debbie and Christina)Then Brad and I on his birthday holding baby Debbers.
Finally, Britt and I holding our puppies.

More Christmas posts to follow...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Why I fell asleep at my computer today...

Brad is overloaded with his pre-dental classes right now. He's had two exams and tons of quizzes this week and has been up until 2 a.m. studying, so I've had Roxy duty every morning this week. Here's my average day:

5:45 AM - take Roxy potty and feed her breakfast
6:30 AM - leash Roxy up and drag my furry boots for a 1-mile jog. (and hope I remembered the plastic poop bag)
7:00 AM - do everything possible to prevent barking so as not to wake up our neighbors while getting ready for work/school.
7:30 AM - drop Brad off at school and leave for work
8-11 AM - work
11-12 AM - Come home (I love that I only live 8 minutes from my job) feed Roxy lunch, take her on a quick walk around the block, practice her commands and grab a pack of crackers for my lunch
12-5 PM - work
5-6:30 PM - make dinner, try to spend time with Brad while Roxy bites our heels and demands our attention, play with her together, take her potty (every 45 minutes), and eat dinner
6:30 - 7 PM - Another walk with Roxy (usually a run because she loves to sprint)
7 - 11 PM - Alternate between Roxy play time, dishes, internet, potty breaks, distracting Brad (if he's studying at home) and taking advantage of relaxing when Roxy takes her nap.
11 PM - say goodnight to Brad and try to go to sleep.
12:30 AM - Brad takes Roxy potty and plays with her (I'm a light sleeper so I still wake up)
2 AM - Brad comes to sleep. We pray together (or he prays and I subconsciously say "amen")
3:30 AM - I take Roxy poop and she wants to play fetch or eat our bed. So we play.
5:45 AM - Start over.

It may sound like I'm complaining (OK, maybe I am!) but I really really do love our puppy! She's a big time commitment, but everything good requires some sacrifice, right? I've got some fun pictures and videos with her that I'll post another day when I'm not so tired.

It's hard to tell in the photos, but there's a 15 pound difference. She was a 10-pound baby when we got her and now she's in the mid-20s!