Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recipe for fun in negative-something degree weather

1. Go to a park in Rexburg, Idaho with a really cool person.

2. Wear three pairs of socks, a layer of plastic bags, and Pocahontas-style furry boots .

3. Put on a lot of shirts and hoodies. But make sure you, unlike Ralphie from A Christmas Story, can put your arms down.

4. Don't waste energy trying to build a snowman out of snow that doesn't stick together.

5. Play the following games:

-Fall face-forward in the snow without using your arms to stop yourself.
-Build a pile of snow at the bottom of a slide and swoosh into it.
-Pretend like you're a snake and make a tunnel.
-Throw one large iceball into the 18-inch snow. Then try to throw smaller iceballs into the crater you made.
-Make a cheesy sign that symbolizes you and your significant other.
-Jump off the swings and into the snow.

Christina's birthday

Our niece (Crystal and Marty's daughter) just turned one. We were all excited to watch her taste ice cream and frosting for the first time. She did not disappoint! Isn't she cute?

Happy birthday to her and to our other niece, Alexis, who just turned nine!

Brad's 24th Birthday- A Pinch to Grow an Inch

...Well hopefully not because he's already 6'2 and I'm flirting with 5'2. Anyway, on December 26th Brad turned 24!

We enjoyed a chilly morning of German pancakes, family phone calls and indoor games. The celebration continued the next day at his favorite restaurant Scalini's.

His gifts included some sweet movies, X-Box games, snazzy clothes, headphones and these white beauties (on sale).

Happy birthday to my husband!

A White Georgia!

I know it's a little late. But I've spent the last few weeks packing, unpacking, settling, meeting, applying, and figure-outing in a new home and a new phase of life.

My Christmas was wonderful! I went out to Atlanta a week before Brad (not fun), but I was able to make merry memories with my parents, siblings, grandparents and friends. It was so good to be with my family again! We shopped and baked and played my brother's favorite game (Monopoly) almost every night.

Finally, Brad joined me and we all partied. I feel that photojournalism is the way to go sometimes so here's my two-week, blissful Christmas break in pictures:

We had some family photos done. First: the family fishing; Second: my sisters and I!

Sleepy-eyed on Christmas morning

Mom and Won went "a little overboard."

Our family on Christmas Eve

Hanging out at Dad's

Quality best friend time and PAN mother/daughter Christmas party with two of my high school best friends Ashlea and Heather.

Jessie didn't want us to leave. We were running late for the airport and she wouldn't get out of the car.