Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bradio and Tiffers

Brad's sister Sarah took us out for a winter photoshoot this Friday. She's a great photographer and started her own business, Cobblestone Photos. If you're interested in having her do a photoshoot for you, email her at Here are a few. Which one should we use for our Christmas cards?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funding Communism

As Bradio and I were perusing the soup labels at Macey's today, we ran into a white-haired man. He looked at us for a second and said, "I don't know where I'm going...I'm looking for my childhood bride." We were taken off-guard so we just smiled and nodded, feeling sorry for this senile man.

After we finished shopping, we approached Lanta, our car, to load our groceries into the trunk. Our elderly friend was stuffing several Nesquik chocolate milks into his car right next to ours. I hurriedly tried to think of conversation starters in case we made eye contact.

Then the man muttered under his breath, "Kids these days..." He looked at us. "You know North Korea has the largest army in the world?"

Awkward pause...Then he grumbled something about South Korea.

"Well have a great day!" I gave him a cheerful smile and then got in the car. I had no idea what was going on. Brad figured he was referring to our Hyundai, made by a Korean company. I guess you can't please everyone...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drama King

I know this is old, but I still think it's so hilarious! Brad and I made videos a few weeks ago imitating our favorite part of our current favorite YouTube video, featuring Phil Davison. Watch it here.

Please watch 2:11-2:33. It's THE BEST.

My take:

Brad's take:

BYU Graffiti

Often you see foul phrases or vulgar words graffiti-ed on bathroom stall walls. Other times, like at Brigham Young University, you see a temporary, uplifting message on the bathroom mirror. "You are beautiful. You are a daughter of God. Let it show."

To whoever put this sign up, you made me happy! Thanks.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awkward purchase...

When I was a tweener, I read the Sweet Valley series about the twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth. (This was the same time as the Boxcar Children and Babysitter's Club phase.)I remember one book talked about one of the sisters being embarrassed to purchase tampons from a male cashier. At the time I thought it was funny. Who would be embarrassed to buy something you need? (I would.)

As I have been in similar situations recently, I think back to my fictional friend and feel sorry for her. Do ya'll feel this way too? Here's an example. A friend of mine (I don't remember who) had a bridal shower coming up. Of course I wanted to buy her something cute and lacey. So, I found an inexpensive, though very cute, lingerie at Forever 21. When I got up to the register, I felt a little awkward when I saw a 20-something man looking at me. I handed him my purchase and said with a nervous smile, "This is for my friend."

This weekend, we went to the drugstore to get something that married people need...Anyway, I keep trying to get over my fear of feeling awkward buying something like that. But I just can't. It's no secret that people use the unnamed drugstore purchase. (And if they use it, they have to buy it sometime...) But I'm still embarrassed by it. So this weekend (like every other time) I ditched Brad and made him buy it. I went out to the car so no one in the store would see me.

I never said it would be easy.

But it is so worth it. Life can be hard sometimes. To be honest we've stumbled a little this week. Brad was laid off on Friday. His company has decided to convert to an online customer care department so they've been dropping employees one by one lately. We didn't see it coming at all. Brad has been with the company since it's founding and has been a loyal employee and assistant manager for a year. We've now decided we'll sleep in on Black Friday and we're still trying to figure out how we're going to get all of our belongings to Georgia. I guess it's never the "right time" to get a trial.

Looking for a career job has been a little difficult as well. I've been sick for three weeks and yesterday I unsuccessfully attempted to be a good baker. (See the photograph of my homemade chocolate cake above...) But despite our rough week, life is still wonderful. We have so much to be grateful for.

Our ward theme this month is gratitude. The relief society lesson today was on finding gratitude even among our trials. I've been thinking and I really am so thankful for all that I have. We all struggle with different things; No one's situation is the same.

A few weeks ago when I was busy not keeping anything in my stomach, I picked up an email from my sister, Brittani. She shared her jam-packed weekend in Shanghai that was full of rainy nights, missing trains, sleeping outside in wet clothes and other mishaps. At the end of the email she mentioned that she and her friends could have stayed frustrated at the situation, but they chose to laugh. I think that is such a great way to view difficult situations. At that particular time, I tried her method. I realized that although I was horribly sick, I was grateful that my husband was home sick on the same day so I had a movie buddy.

Right now, I am grateful that Brad is working so hard to find another job. I am thankful that our apartment contract ends this month so we can move in with Crystal and Marty (Brad's sister) in December. I am thankful to have family here who is so willing to help out. I am grateful that I am completing my degree and that my cake was more satisfying taste-wise than aesthetically.

More importantly, I am thankful for Heavenly Father and my Savior. I am thankful for this beautiful life He has given me and for people I love to share it with. I am so thankful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life to guide my decisions and bring joy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Being sick is no fun.

Brad and I got sick last Sunday. It was awful. I have felt sick on and off all week. Things are starting to clear up but feeling sick reminded me of a poem I wrote when I was in fifth grade or so.

When I was a child, I was introduced to Shel Silverstein. I wanted to be a poet too. I'd sit on the floor in front of my armoir writing random poems. I don't remember most of them, but I can recite this one:

Being Sick is No Fun

Being sick is no fun-
Achoo! Achoo!
I think I have a fever of 102.
My throat is sore, my back aches bad.
This is the worst day I've ever had.

Haha. On a side note, I know what I'm getting my mom for Christmas and I'm so excited about it!