Monday, April 4, 2011

Not all husbands are created equal.

I don't know about vanilla and fishsticks, but I would assert that my husband is the best person I've ever met and that not all husbands are created equal ;)

When I was reading through Better Homes and Gardens at the doctor's office the other day, these almost-identical ads a few pages away from each other. It made me laugh.

Brad really is awesome though. I came home the other day to him cooking asparagus, mashed potatoes and chicken. He lets me know he loves me every day and I love how he brightens my life! I married my bestest friend.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I love my big family

Last weekend I got a teaser vacation in Georgia. Brittani and I flew down Friday night for Dad's wedding. He took my siblings, Grandma, uncle and I to an Asian-style karaoke place and we sang/danced until we were worn out!

The wedding Saturday morning was nice. They had pretty pink and white flowers and a scrumptious and authentic Korean luncheon.

Saturday afternoon we also got some time with Won and Mom. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with them but we did make some funny videos together! It stormed like crazy and then we left early Sunday morning. Short but wonderful!

I got to meet Lizzie, the tiger-looking puppy that Won found running along the side of the highway. She's too adorable and so soft and snuggly. I also played with my dog Jessie, who I always love seeing. Mom showed me this hilarious YouTube video about another yellow lab who acts just the way Jessie does. Check it out here!


Seriously...I lose hairs all the time. They just fall off of me all over the place. It hasn't always been this bad. Some of the places we've found hair over the past 24 hours:

-on the bathroom sink, on the toilet, in the car, on Brad's stomach, in the macaroni and cheese water (before I started boiling the noodles), in the refrigerator, on the couch, on the floor all over, on my jackets...and probably more.

How do you prevent losing so many hairs? I read that birth control could be a cause of hair loss, but I seriously need a solution or I'm going to wake up looking like Howie Mandel before summer's over.