Friday, April 1, 2011

I love my big family

Last weekend I got a teaser vacation in Georgia. Brittani and I flew down Friday night for Dad's wedding. He took my siblings, Grandma, uncle and I to an Asian-style karaoke place and we sang/danced until we were worn out!

The wedding Saturday morning was nice. They had pretty pink and white flowers and a scrumptious and authentic Korean luncheon.

Saturday afternoon we also got some time with Won and Mom. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with them but we did make some funny videos together! It stormed like crazy and then we left early Sunday morning. Short but wonderful!

I got to meet Lizzie, the tiger-looking puppy that Won found running along the side of the highway. She's too adorable and so soft and snuggly. I also played with my dog Jessie, who I always love seeing. Mom showed me this hilarious YouTube video about another yellow lab who acts just the way Jessie does. Check it out here!

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