Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awkward purchase...

When I was a tweener, I read the Sweet Valley series about the twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth. (This was the same time as the Boxcar Children and Babysitter's Club phase.)I remember one book talked about one of the sisters being embarrassed to purchase tampons from a male cashier. At the time I thought it was funny. Who would be embarrassed to buy something you need? (I would.)

As I have been in similar situations recently, I think back to my fictional friend and feel sorry for her. Do ya'll feel this way too? Here's an example. A friend of mine (I don't remember who) had a bridal shower coming up. Of course I wanted to buy her something cute and lacey. So, I found an inexpensive, though very cute, lingerie at Forever 21. When I got up to the register, I felt a little awkward when I saw a 20-something man looking at me. I handed him my purchase and said with a nervous smile, "This is for my friend."

This weekend, we went to the drugstore to get something that married people need...Anyway, I keep trying to get over my fear of feeling awkward buying something like that. But I just can't. It's no secret that people use the unnamed drugstore purchase. (And if they use it, they have to buy it sometime...) But I'm still embarrassed by it. So this weekend (like every other time) I ditched Brad and made him buy it. I went out to the car so no one in the store would see me.


  1. haha. I know how you feel. And feel the same way sometimes. I actually try to get Travis to be the one to buy the awkward stuff. He laughs at me and asks why I'm embarrassed. But I think he secretly feels the same way too.

  2. This still makes me laugh, two weeks later