Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Wedding Dress

A couple months ago I did something crazy. No, I didn't go bungee jumping or win a hot dog eating contest. It was more of a domestic type of crazy. Are you ready? Don't look ahead! .......I cut up my wedding dress.

First I had to unpick all the tucks.

And then do some cutting.

And pinning to make it into a pencil skirt.

I need to post some better pictures of the finished outcome, but here it is! I love the black lace on the sleeves and pleats on the side of the skirt.

At first my biggest fear wasn't messing up, but changing something so sentimental. But Brad brought up the point that it could either be sentimental hanging in a bag or on me! I agree.

I remind myself of a funny dude Brad read an article about. If you have a minute, check out My Ex Wife's Wedding Dress. This guy's wife left her wedding dress behind after they split. He came up with several innovative ways to put it to use, and even made a funny book about it with hilarious photos.

Don't worry! I've put mine to good use already too! Aside from my pretty new dress, I also used some scraps to complete my mummy costume for the Midnight 5K Halloween Costume run that we did with Jeff and Sam! (There are PLENTY of scraps.) I also want to use the rest of it to make my baby girl's blessing dress. I think that would be really special.


  1. ahhh that's awesome! I would be so scared! I've thought the same thing though... i think i could make a blessing dress and baptism dress. :) That would be so neat. xoxo

  2. Great job!! You're so brave and quite domestic!