Monday, October 17, 2011


Often, Brad and I can get pretty competitive. We have an on-going bets for tickles. (It can be applied to anything - sports, card games, random facts...) Consenting to being tortured is a rough defeat so when we ante up with tickle seconds, things can get a little cutthroat. Our most recent debate was about whether or not there was such a thing as a waffle cereal.

During our grocery shopping trip tonight I introduced Brad to Waffle Crisp! (And won our argument.)

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  1. HEY!! haha i can't believe he doubted you on this. but i am a cereal lover... lol. So I finally decided to update our blog bc i was just so over my boring theme. It's actually just the simple background. I couldn't find a template i loved, so i just kinda created my own. I made the picture collage with picnik online and just uploaded it as a gadget under the title. I wish i was good at InDesign so it would look better! MISS YOU!