Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn - the new summer

OK I'm in heaven. Autumn is perfection and I thank my Father in Heaven for giving us such a beautiful world to live in. I'm not ready for my simple autumn weekend to end.

Saturday morning I woke up early (well earlier than I normally would) and grabbed some donuts from a little shop on our street for my studious husband and I. They didn't have pumpkin but apple spice still provided the taste of the season I was craving. The rest of the weekend was spent competing in tennis, playing cards (with bets), watching Rio and hunting for funny YouTube videos. Here's my favorite.

The happiest part of the weekend, though, was spoiling our five senses with Autumness.

Our big window has given us a daily view of the bright grass and changing leaves (which I'm especially grateful for, considering we were ambushed by snow last week). Today we sat on our couch and watched/listened to a thunderstorm. It only lasted five minutes but still... Afterwards, we took a walk in the rain and played with a cat we found.

If only this weekend could last a few more days. I could do without the ingrown eyelash that's been irritating my right eye though. Has anyone else ever had an ingrown eyelash? I can't get it out and I don't know what else to try! I read that you can go to the doctor to have it removed but that's a couple hundred dollars...Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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