Friday, October 1, 2010


Today marks the start of my favorite month! Welcome, fall. (I know fall already technically started, but to me it starts in October.) It is also my grandma's birthday today! Here's Bud, me and Grandma this summer.

A few reasons why I adore October:

*Crisp, chilly air (and cute, light jackets and Bradio walking with his arm around me.)
*Anything pumpkin flavored (pancakes, cookies, cake, muffins)
*Colorful leaves (Utah is still beautiful, but Georgia is the best at this time of year)
*Deciding on a Halloween costume
*The fall/winter wardrobe comes out! (Even though I'll want my summer clothes again in a month)
*College football! (C'mon BYU...)
*Hot chocolate, apple cider
*Witches Night Out with my sisters-in-law!
*Using the green blankie and sleeping with the windows open :)

And for this weekend, General Conference and Brad's mission reunion!

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