Monday, October 11, 2010

We'll miss you, Hopper!

Before belonging to us, Hopper was Brad's Grandpa Terry's. He was a good car. A '97 Ford Explorer. He carried us practically all over the Western U.S. We traveled to Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah. Additionally, he towed Deb's boat, earned us two tickets (We don't mind blaming inanimate objects for our mistakes...), survived a minor accident with Brad, moved us and... some other things.

This weekend, we said goodbye to Hopper. Although we loved him, we were ready for something new. Something that wouldn't require us dropping a few hundred unexpectedly every once in awhile.

Saying goodbye...

But now, we have a new beauty. Welcome to the family, XXX! (Our new car doesn't have a name yet. We're thinking "Lanta" but are not sure yet.)Here's the new ride, a 2010 Hyandai Elantra.

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