Monday, October 11, 2010

I didn't go to the Great Wall of China, but...

I still had a wonderful weekend! (My lucky sister Brittani is living in Changzhou this semester and visited the Great Wall this weekend.)

Brad and I had a lovely time and did just about everything other than sleep. In addition to buying a new car (see post below), we went to a homecoming dance! (I asked him this year.)

Before the dance, we filled up on delectible cheesy dishes and salad. I ate only until I was full so I didn't have to waddle out of Olive Garden like I usually do. Who wants to go to a dance on a full stomach? Not me.

The theme was "Discover the Treasures of the Reef" so naturally, the dance was at an aquarium. We were slightly unimpressed with the venue as it was not as classy as we'd hoped. Maybe it's my Southern roots, but when I hear the word "aquarium" I think of the Georgia Aquarium. I pictured Brad and I waltzing next to a giant glass case with a whale shark looking on.

There were no hammerheads or anything, but the dance was still cool! Nemo fish, lemonade, and dancing with my best friend made it an incredible evening!

Afterwards, we wanted to dance some more so we hit up a club and got our salsa on. Would it be a cheesy ending if I said our hips didn't lie?

In addition to dancing, we spent some quality time with the family. Eating fondue, having our own dance party and playing games made for some fun family memories!

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