Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Long lunch

You know those people who walk around with headphones on, oftentimes sans music, so they can get from one side of campus to the other without having to talk to anyone? Guilty. No, I'm not that bad. But, I often walk fast, head tucked, to get from class to meeting to lunch to sewing (yea, I'm taking a sewing class!) Sometimes I avoid little opportunities because I feel I'm too busy.

Yesterday, I clocked out of work at 1:14. The goal? Grab the cheapest, quickest, somewhat-healthy lunch from BYU (a tuna sandwich), speed walk and avoid any social encounters, and make it back to my computer by 1:34.

Along the way, I ran into one of my good friends from seventh grade. Her family has gone through a rough time this past year. I asked how she was doing. We chatted about life, death, dating, marriage, Heavenly Father, food, and bloggers. Despite her trials she is so happy and doing well! I felt uplifted after talking with her. Thank you, Melissa!

After I bought my sandwich, I started walking back to work. Along the way, I saw another old friend. We talked about graduation and our families. It was good to see her.

At 2:28, I clocked back in at work.

I am thankful for the time I took to catch up with friends and spend time listening. I hope I brightened my friends' days like they did mine.

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