Friday, February 25, 2011

Catching up

So I might go a little blog crazy...We haven't had the internet at home since we moved to Rexburg and now we do.

We are really happy here in Idaho. It's not where we thought we would be, but any new place is an adventure! And it helps that like half of our LDS friends from Georgia are either at BYU-Idaho or Provo so we automatically had friends up here! Maybe it's preventing us from being super social or maybe it's a coincidence that our previous friends/family are the only ones we see. Either way, we love them.

We live in a tiny house that was turned into three tiny apartments. It's a block from campus and right on Center Street near all the high action of Sexy-Rexy (the post office, 3-dollar movie theater, Taco Bell, campus and a donut shop!)We think our apartment is really cute though. It's got cool paneling on the walls and adorable vintage doorknobs.

In case you're wondering, here are some things I love about Rexburg. (I feel like I always make lists but I am a very listy person I guess!)

1. It doesn't get dark outside. At least in the winter time. I think it's something about the moon reflecting off of the snow everywhere so there's always a semi-light glow, even late at night.

2. Jeff and Samantha!

3. Starting over with our furniture and experimenting with our colors and style. This means getting great deals and getting our DIO on.

4. Watching Brad love what he's learning and what he's doing.

5. The beautiful Rexburg Temple that is close by. We get to go to church at the building right next to it.

And here are some things that maybe aren't my favorite:

1. Frozen nose hairs or boogie icicles (not sure which it is) that form in my nose making it hard to breathe when it's really cold in the mornings.

2. The choice of shopping... Walmart, D.I., Payless and maybe a handful more.

3. That the ONLY place to get food after midnight is a nasty Mexican restaurant that gives you gas. When I say ONLY I mean it. Even drugstores aren't open after midnight here. I always thought the definition of a drugstore was that it was open 24/7 in case you need medicine or something!

4. My family is sooooooo far away.

Welp, there you go -- my analysis of our new home sweet home.

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  1. I didn't know you guys moved up to Idaho! Say hello to Rexburg for me. So, what brings you guys up there?