Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ants and Beatles

Would you rather see ants or beatles? Me? Beatles.

1964...The Tribute, an amazing Beatles Tribute group, was scheduled to come to BYU-I this weekend. Brad and I didn't buy tickets because we had an intramural tennis thing. But, we ended up with time to spare so we ran over (literally) to see if we could purchase tickets at the door. A sweet lady who was ushering said she had two extra tickets that her family no longer needed. So, we had five minutes to change and be back for the amazing show!

As I am lying in bed typing this, I can see an ant crawling on our kitchen tile. But it's not alone. When we got home from church, there was a line of ants marching in from a crack near the heater. Sick. But even more horrible than having unwanted guests on the floor is having to kill them.

When I noticed them, I began smacking the ants with my shoe because I figured that would be the fastest death for the critters. But some of them kept wiggling their legs even after the first hard smash. I probably looked silly smashing each one five times, but I really didn't want any of them to suffer so I was trying to make sure they were dead. This is the reason I hate fishing (worms). I don't like inflicting pain on anyone/thing. Hopefully we can figure out a solution pretty soon so we can get rid of them and I won't have to kill them.

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