Sunday, May 1, 2011

730 days of marital bliss

(I wish we had a photographer to follow us around and get candid photos of our adventures. But we aren't famous enough to have a paparazzi so our pictures are usually just us in the car)

Last weekend we celebrated our two year anniversary. It has been a wonderful two years. We have done a lot in this time including living in three different states (Washington, Utah, then Idaho), having different jobs and callings and falling more in love every day. I don't know how it happens, but it does. I can't wait to see how our love has grown in 50 years!

Since we are planning a cruise for the end of the year, we decided not to do anything big for our "minimoon." A nice dinner and evening at home sounded just fine. But, the night before our anniversary weekend, we started playing around on The "name your price" offer allows you to type in an amount you're willing to pay, the number of stars, and your city of choice. Then it searches and tells you if anything is available for your asking price. The catch is that once you type in your offer, you also put in your credit card info. So if there is a hotel match, there's no going back.

The types of hotels that appealed to us in Idaho Falls were over a hundred a night, so we just fooled around and plugged in some numbers. I really wasn't expecting anything to come up, but sure enough, we got a hotel for the next night for $50!

When we arrived on Friday evening, the hotel clerk (?) welcomed us and told us we'd be staying in a smoking room with two queen-sized beds. Dang it. But, I nudged Brad and he mentioned that it was our minimoon and kind of smiled at the guy. Just like that he upgraded us to a suite with a King sized bed, (non-smoking) and a jacuzzi hot tub in the bedroom.

Saturday, we shopped, movie-watched, and went to the Idaho Falls temple. It is always fun to see new temples and we've started that as a tradition on our anniversaries.

We concluded our weekend celebrating Easter by learning about/celebrating the Savior's ministry and resurrection at church and eating a delectable Easter feast with Jeff and Samantha.

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