Sunday, June 19, 2011

PDA - Pulpit Declarations of Affirmation

Today I've been pondering deep questions like: Have you ever noticed that our tolerance levels for PDA vary A LOT?

Personally, one of the forms of PDA I find the most humorous is what I call "pulpit declarations of affirmation." This is a Tom Cruise-style announcement given during fast and testimony meeting. I'm sure ya'll know what I'm talking about. It sounds something like: "I'd like to bear my testimony and let you know how wonderful my beautiful wife is. Every day I wake up and wonder how I ended up with her. I'm thankful for the gospel, and most importantly I love my wife." I get the giggles in church whenever this happens. (Today...)

Another one that made me laugh was our neighbors who taped up gushy love letters on the front door of their apartment almost weekly. I'm not sure why they didn't at least put them in envelopes. Maybe they just wanted everyone to know how in love they were?

Before I get too caught up (no worries) I've also considered that others may find me and Brad's actions a little too "PDA" sometimes. I've been told that our traditional after-prayer peck can be a little nauseating. Makes sense. But I don't want to break our family tradition just because other people might be around when we say a meal prayer.

I just think it's interesting how the acronym PDA is pretty much used universally in a negative way. BUT we all are guilty of it in some form. We probably don't know it, but someone somewhere is gagging at our romantic spectacles, whatever they may be.

I realize I can't expect some people to refrain from declaring their love for their spouse during testimony meeting just because I consider it "too PDA." (Plus it's funny so I don't really mind.)And for all I know people might think my posting cutesy pictures of me and Bradio on Facebook is too much. (Oops, is using his nickname in public too PDA?)

Anyways just my thoughts for today on a subject that made me laugh...And I'm curious if my few blogger friends want to share...what do you think is too PDA?

Have a great Sunday! I'm going to go snuggle up with Bradio now ;) haha.


  1. Alan & I have always kissed after saying the blessing at meals. We also have always held hands as a family at the dinner table when saying blessing. I just don't like when people start getting a little too in to each other as if you aren't even there. That makes me uncomfortable. Enjoyed this post. Love all the wonderful pictures you have posted on FB and here. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. I have never seen your blog. This is great! And I loved your post. PDA I think is really hard. It's funny because after Alex has given a talk he has thanked Heavenly Father for me ( in a testimony form I guess) and I really appreciated it and loved that he did that, but you're right it is PDA-ish. I think it is good that you and Brad don't break the trad just because of people, because believe you, me that your children will be the first to loudly say, " GROSS!" and if those sweet kids you love can't stop you no one else should.

    The other day I was talking a walk with Layla and one of my good friends and her son and we saw a boy with his shirt off and a girl with a bikini top and shorts on making out at porter park.... that is crossing way over the line. When people are laying next to each other making out in public.. that is too much. Honestly when people make out in public period.

    A peck here or there, not too PDAish to me, but I guess, Like you said everyone has their own idea of what PDA is.

    ALSO I agree with Bobbi Jo, when people are so into each other that they ignore the "third wheel" or when they kind of acknowledge their presence, but also kind of act like, " you're invading our togetherness" that is not only PDA, but totally rude.

    So I guess that is what I feel like is PDA. Why not kiss all the time. You did it everywhere on your wedding day. They yelled for you to do it. What's so different about the everyday? Should you feel as in love on your wedding day on every day the rest of your marriage? I would only hope!

  3. How did I just find out this existed?! love ya!